ValIda is presently

  • a member on the Quality and Editorial Board that makes policy and monitors quality for the publication of research papers in the UPPScience project,
  • a partner with other organisations in a Concepts Lab that has been working for the last decade in experimentation in education and youth and
  • leader of the validation of learning curve and exploration of potential trending in vocational education of the Creative InternPrize project.
Quality Management
Organisational Change
Impact and sustainability
Development of Tools
Validation of Learning Process
Mobility Projects
Research and Trends
State of the Art Reports
Studies and Recommendations
We take part in projects as partner or as external evaluators and we take on responsibilities for the monitoring of quality in the management of projects and outputs.

Quality includes impact, change brought about in partner organisations or in the professional / personal lives of beneficiaries. It includes actual exploitation effort and sustainability potential in post project lifetime.

VISConti project : external evaluators
Creative InternPrize : partners
UPPScience : partners
We create tools for validation and implement strategies to plan, monitor and evaluate results of mixed learning environments. This is ongoing activity related to mobility training projects for teachers, students mobility and projects involving NEETs and individuals from challenging backgrounds.

We are working on the development of tools to plan and monitor learning experiences intended to be mixed learning environments potentially catering for personalised learning paths.

IdA projects : validation experts
Mi.L.E. : partners
Erasmus+ KA1 : mobilities for teachers
We carry out research and ground work before experimentation in order that our work in education and training, youth and careers can have sound foundations.

We generate tools and carry out surveys to understand points of departure and needs of beneficiaries as part of path towards creating tools and starting up activities that produce intended results. We are presently part of a Community of Practice for the publishing of research in education.

Concepts Lab : partners
SEEP : partners
UPPScience : partners