"L’utopia non è un sogno impossibile, è semplicemente un sogno non ancora realizzato, un progetto da costruire con l’impegno di tutti"

(Gino Strada)


ValIda aims at promoting multiculturalism and solidarity through the exchange and integration among individuals. We believe in education, in active citizenship and networking as tools for overcoming barriers and cultural diversities.


- To involve individuals and organisations with a view to building a fair and equitable society

- To raise awareness on the benefits of integration, cultural exchange, cooperation and inclusion

- To valorise the synergy between formal and non-formal learning through the recognition of the experiences and learning by doing

- To promote practices for the social inclusion of individuals coming from disadvantaged backgrounds

- To create and maintain sustainable networks and partnerships for transnational cooperation

- To provide lifelong learning experience for youths and adults for professional and personal growth

- To encourage entrepreneurship and managerial spirit in the cultural and artistic sector


Our team consist of professionals operating in vocational training and research, communication, social media and marketing management, networking, events coordination and European projects management