Evaluation of YDEES Project

June 2016: ValIda was responsable for the validation of the YDEES Project, funded under the Erasmus+  KA1 Youth, led by music de nuite diffusion in Bordeaux in partnership with ADEMINHO Escola Profissional do Alto Minho Interior from Portugal and VisMedNet Association from Malta.

YDEES stands for Young Digital European Entrepreneur Spirit.  The digital skills are part of the 8 key skills spotted by the EU as essential in the lifelong training and education process.  The YDEES project aimed at revealing these skills and consolidate them in order to enhance and promote them on the European labour market or through the access to appropriate training programs.

YDEES brought together 20 young from Portugal, France and Malta who were either excluded of the professional or educational system, or in a learning process, but who presented challenges related to the integration in their institution, or developing their own business.

Out of the formal training frame, these young people made exchanges in order to develop their knowledge of digital tools. These 20 young people, created various project teams and shared mobilities that enabled them to consolidate their skills.

Valida was responsible for the evaluation and validation of the learning experience of the participants. The evaluation was carried out by the use of self-assessment tools.