Evaluation of E+KA1 Adults Learners Training Course

March 2017 – ValIda performed the evaluation of the training on “Sustainability of small organisations working in the fields of youth, culture and social work”.

This training was funded under the Erasmus KA1 Mobility of Adult Learners.  Participants included members of Visioni Sociali of Rome.

The project called “Lazio Visivo”¬† was a one year long learning process with preparatory activities prior to each of the two mobilities and follow up.

Participants acquired knowledge, competences and personal professional development in scenario building, foresight techniques, future oriented strategies to ensure sustainability of activities even in non-commercial activities in adult education, vision for internationalisation and readiness for growth.

The participants took part in the validation of learning process in order that individuals and organisation were made aware of the knowledge acquired, the competences learnt and the growth experienced as a result of the project.