InternpointInternPoint is now in its 5th year in Malta and it is now extending its activities after ValIda was given the responsibility of its activities in Italy. ValIda will build on the experience that VisMedNet Association has garnered over the years adapting InternPoint to the context of the the Italian job market without changing its philosophy and dedication to supporting young individuals embarking on new careers. There are new developments for InternPoint because the team has recently developed the concept of InternPrize that is aimed for students who take part in project oriented internships in the fields of tourism, culture, events management and media and this concept will be implemented in Italy as well in the near future.

InternPoint works :
- with individual requests for internships, referral from agencies and schools or organised groups,
- in short working holidays, short or longer term internships,
- in many sectors of business striking a balance between levels of experience, duration and feasibility of requests for internship.