MARSA Project

MARSA is an Erasmus+ project funded under the Strategic Partnerships for Youth programme.

MARSA stands for Move Against Rash Statements and Actions

It is a project by 5 partners from Malta, France, Italy, Turkey and Romania under the leadership of VisMedNet of Malta. VisMedNet is the client enterprise of this project but the beneficiaries are ultimately the partners and the MARSA InternPrize project itself.

MARSA is a reaction to social changes and migration flows of our times that are now one of the most common subjects of discussion all over Europe. It will engage young people in discussion and video making activities on the subject of migration. This will be done with a strategy to educate the masses on the topic running counter to the negative press and communication used in the media when speaking about migration. It strongly counters uninformed opinions expressed widely and wildly in social media. It opens a door to the formation of better and more informed opinions through creativity and young enterprise.

Youth leaders and youths will participate in training on:
– product development in creative industries based on market research, audience analysis and professional distribution strategies,
– general media and video production skills with focus on audience and quality under professional artistic direction and
– creation of joint strategies for social education and advocacy through structured social media strategies.
They will set up local teams and produce creative content in an enterprise environment and discipline putting together an EU wide social media campaign called MARSA project to provoke a wide audience to discuss the topic of migration and to be aware of how much we tend to express ourselves about migration in a very light minded manner without any form of knowledge, insight or analysis that helps us really understand what we are talking about. The MARSA project campaign will make its own contribution towards the dissemination of knowledge and definitions about the subject of migration to further better discourse and thinking about the topic.


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