Training : Intercultural Education

Getting youths to speak of Human Rights

This activity is intended for – teachers of citizenship to students from age 12 up, – youth leaders aspiring to touch upon sensitive subjects and – educators in general. The ideal participants would be individuals with a positive attitude to using the creative arts of video and music as a method of learning. The aim of this training activity is that of imparting knowledge and practical skills in the use of video production and music – and song – both as a vehicles for learning as well as for extra curricular or youth activities.

Values Education for Young People

RICK’S cafe’ network is working on an approach to values education that makes it easier for beneficiaries to look at values by looking around themselves and at their backgrounds. It fosters understanding about what is behind behaviour patterns. This approach is transferable to other perspectives in behaviour including in democratic values, intercultural dialogue and exchange in which values are seen as potential common ground between people.