Training : Science Education

Down to the Earth of Science Education : This course is intended for teachers of science who wish to bring the subject of environment and energy as a cross topic or cross curricular subject of discussion in science education. It will touch upon putting in green topics as an inspiration for future applications and careers in green science. It touches upon engaging video making in environment topics and interaction with stakeholders and players in the green economy and policy making.

Interactive Science Events : This course is based on the experience of the organisation of the European Youth Science Days and the content covers all areas of organisation, media and activities that can make a science event in school more interesting and engaging. It covers areas like wide ownership of the event within the school management, teaching staff, students and other players in the community. It included management tools, gantt charts and cooperation. It contains an element of video production that could be one of the most creative vehicles for student engagement and post event exploitation and sharing outwards.

Video Production in Science Education : This course is in part technical training in basic skills for video production and in part classroom and project management in video production. The underlying concept behind the training is the use of video production as a means for fostering cooperation and autonomy in the classroom, making the teacher less of a teacher and more of a leader and director. It is the introduction of video production in the science classroom as a means towards instilling interest in research in science and the acquisition of presentation skills on science subjects in the minds of the students.

VISConti : Validating Creativity in Science : VISConti is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership for VET school that is developing tools to facilitate the assessment of such elements in projects and the formation of a community of practice between students, teachers and science professionals from industry for networking school with industry. This course introduces teachers from VET to the tools for validation of scientific creativity and the dynamics of a Community of Practice between students, teachers and science professionals in industry.

SEEP : Networking and Social Engagement for Careers in Science : This course is based on the experience that VisMedNet has garnered in the areas of networks generation and maintenance, structured and strategy based community generation as well as its foundation of two Communities of Practice oriented towards bringing students, teachers, schools and science professionals closer. It is intended for mainstream and VET schools and education management professionals, career guidance officers and possibly entrepreneurs with a mindset that is open to the benefits of networking with a view to tapping talent and innovative minds.