Vocational Education

Entrepreneurship in the Arts


This training is delivered in parternship of VisMedNet Association of Malta. It is a joint exploitation of  Youth Enterprise through Arts project. It is specifically designed to enable youth and creative arts organisations and professionals to effectively engage the young people they work with in entrepreneurship education.




Tinternpointhis training is the result of a joint experimentation of ValIda and VisMedNet Association of Malta about combating early school leaving. Participants explore profiles and learning patterns of students that are not well catered for within the formal learning space. We look at practices that include project work, practical learning under the leadership of teachers and learning environments that substitute or supplement formal education to generate and maintain the excitement of students who would benefit from the change.





The course is for teachers and trainers in VET who are teaching STEM, IT and science related subjects. It gives exposure to an experimental approach towards the assessment of project work of students in science related subjects. It is an exploitation of the VISConti project in which partners identified assessment criteria for the assessment of students’ projects from technical, economic and creativity points of view. Participants become members of the VISConti community of practice entering into the international dimension of VISConti.