Youth and Culture NGOs


This initiative started following the involvement of VisMedNet in a Grundtvig Learning Partnership project called Yes, You Can ! – How to support the cultural activities of disadvantaged groups. The project pooled together experience and expertise as well as examples of good practice of small organisations that have the right frame of mind when it comes to seeking opportunities for fund raising and financial support for their activities.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between VisMedNet Association and ValIda Association of Rome itself being a very young organisation working in the fields relevant to this course.

The course is intended for individuals and organisations who have the right mindset to find the best way forward for the sustainability of their activities through the development of the right digital and funding strategies that are fit for the size and ambitions of the operation. The course is in part based on the Practical Guide that was produced by the partners of the Yes, You Can ! project and will involve practical and engaging sessions on the setting of cultural operations on to viable avenues.

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Preparation before the course

Before the start of the course the participants will be invited to join an online discussion forum on the mission and ambitions at individual and organisational level. This will not only help participants know about each other but it will start up the networking frame of mind that is usually the hallmark of the activities of VisMedNet Association. It will also establish the lines of discussion that will be developed during the days of the course.

Objectives of the course

The course has two objectives :

– the development of the right mindset for participants who will work at balancing small time possibly non-commercial operations in NGOs and such small operations with a consciousness of issues related to viability, economic feasibility and long / medium term planning through a professional approach and

– the excitement of the minds of the participants to active and constructive networking that is part of a strategy to reduce dependence on sponsorships and financing and a reorientation to raise funds by tapping and generating new opportunities for oneself and for the beneficiaries of one’s actions.


The content of the course is high on interaction and it will involve areas of activities that are general and common to any small voluntary or cultural operation and areas in which participants will work on their own plans for short and medium term.

Tools engaged in the course will include :
– scenario building and foresight tools and techniques that help understand change, trends and possibly future change in the medium term,
– profile development and digital footprint generation for organisations operating in youth, culture and the social sector,
– development of audiences and followership, community building strategies and
– techniques for internationalisation mindset of visibility or action for growth even in the case of strictly local operations

Follow upAt the end of the course the participants will develop a short and medium term plan for themselves and for their respective organisations in the very same forum that will have been started as preparation before the course. This will serve as a concluding note for the course and at the same time as the start of further networking between the partners in the Yes, You Can ! project that inspired the course and the participants in key with the networking spirit that will also be one of the topics of the training course.

Training Programme

Day 1
0930-1030 Introduction of the works
                      Follow up to the preparation discussion forum and presentations by participants
                      Background story of the Yes, You Can ! project.
1030-1200  Introducing scenario building
                      Designing the wild card
                      Compromise paths between ideal and medium best scenarios
1200-1300  Practical attempts at scenario building by participants
1300-1430  Lunch
1430-1600  Meeting local cultural operators
Day 2
0930-1030 Getting friendly with the Practical Guide produced in the Yes, You Can ! project
1030-1130  Working ways through mind maps
                      Self assessment through the use of Yes, You Can ! mind map tools
1130-1300  Development of paths in foresight for organisations using mind maps
1300-1430  Lunch
1430-1530  Concerted effort with social media at corporate level
Day 3
0930-1030 Net Working : internationalisation paths for growth and sustainability
                      Being contributors and takers
                      Selection and assessment of profiles of prospective partners
1030-1300  Meeting / visiting local social and culture NGOs
1300-1430  Lunch
1430-1530  Marketing knowhow assessment in the participants pool
Day 4
0930-1030 Practical session on social media strategies
1030-1300 Audiovisual strategies for organisation and events marketing
                      A-Z in audiovisual production
                      On set friends and foes
                      Generating video archive for track record visibility
1300-1430 Lunch
1430-1700 Cultural excursion and meeting with social and cultural operator/s
Day 5
0930-1030 Closure of the works and validation of course experience
1030-1200 Planning follow up and active creative session on future joint initiatives