yes_you_canYesYouCan ! – How to support the cultural activities of disadvantaged groups is a learning partnership partly funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning programme that is pooling together their experience and expertise as well as exchanging examples of good practice of small organisations that have the right frame of mind when it comes to seeking opportunities for fund raising and financial support for their activities. During the project lifetime the partners have meetings in Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, France, Slovakia and a final meeting in Malta.

The main result of the project is The Practical Guide on Funding for Culture 2014-2020. This publication is the result of two years of working on strategies required for small organisations that wish to find the best way forward towards the sustainability of their activities. It is a joint effort between a European partnership in favour of small time cultural operators working mostly with disadvantaged groups.

Small organisations, be they public or private, can benefit from the use of the guide that helps organisations make the right strategic decisions towards funding and feasibility. Good decisions are of utmost importance for small organisations that often survive on minimum human and financial resources. The guide will help users reflect about themselves through the use of tools that inspire an honest inventory of resources and possibilities, understanding what one wishes to do and where a small organisation wishes to go. It will help one start the journey towards growth from a process that lays the foundations for sound strategic decisions about the way forward.

For more information about the YesYouCan !
project visit Http://www.yesyoucanproject.com

This initiative is being developed with VisMedNet of Malta which together with ValIda has develop training course for sustainable NGOs